In-Force Rate Action Announcement: Alaska (Privileged Choice®)

> Privileged Choice® with Stable Premium Option > 1% Benefit Increase Option As part of the strategy for our long-term care insurance business, we continue pursuing initiatives to improve the risk and profitability profile of our business, including premium increases on our in-force policies, as needed. Alaska has now allowed the following increases: Alaska Non-AARP Product Series Increase Percentage Privileged Choice 12.2%   Alaska AARP® Product Series Increase Percentage Privileged Choice 12%   Communications Timeline Servicing agents will receive a list of their impacted policyholders in this state one week prior to the start of policyholder notifications. Policyholder notifications will
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LTCi Home Health Care Benefits

There are a lot of misconceptions about long-term care insurance, including thinking it is nursing home insurance. In fact, your clients may not realize that having an LTC policy can actually help keep them out of a nursing home. That’s because home health care benefits are built in to our LTCi policies. These benefits will help your client stay at home for as long as possible if the need for long-term care services arises. Whether it’s help with household chores like cooking and cleaning or personal services like bathing and dressing, MutualCare® long-term care insurance policies gives your clients the
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Business Planning Strategies Using the Guaranteed Refund Option

Life insurance can be an important planning tool for business owners. If you have business clients that want a Guaranteed Universal Life product, make sure they understand the additional value provided by the Guaranteed Refund Option rider on United of Omaha’s GUL. The GRO rider provides flexible options for business owners who are planning for the future of their company. And, it is available at no additional cost on qualifying policies. Here are three scenarios in which a life insurance policy with a Guaranteed Refund Option rider can benefit your business clients.   If you have questions, please contact Mutual
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Making Clients Aware of Income Protection

Some of this statistical evidence can prove to consumers that taking the necessary steps to prepare for a potential loss of income is essential. Most consumers believe that accidents are the most expected cause of disability, but research shows that over 95% of disabilities are not work related; therefore workers compensation cannot be used. Here are some interesting statistics about Disability Insurance and what consumers believe: Musculoskeletal/Connective Tissue Disorders are the leading cause of disability at 29%, while cancer is the second leading cause at 15% Consumers believe their own “personal odds” of becoming disabled are 1 in 100 when
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Critical Advantage Rate Decrease for Existing Policyholders – WA

The final state will soon be approved for the Critical Advantage rate decrease of 20% for current policyholders. Effective September 1, 2019, Washington will be approved for the rate decrease. Your current customers in WA will not have to do anything to get the new rates. Their premiums will be at the new 20% rate cut automatically starting on 09/01/2019. Here is what your clients can expect with the lower rates. Age Current Monthly Rate New Monthly Rates Monthly Savings Yearly Savings 35 $22.81 $18.25 $4.56 $54.72 45 $38.09 $30.48 $7.61 $91.32 55 $59.69 $47.75 $11.94 $143.28 65 $86.69 $69.35
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Gerber Life – Reducing your clients pain points

Gerber Life Operations Update Agent Trends and Handling Your Client Pain Points   Gerber Life Insurance is always striving to make doing business with us easier. The Agent Trends flyer outlines 5 key areas that have been identified as pain points for clients. It also provides guidelines to Agents on how to properly handle these situations. By identifying these trends, Gerber Life Insurance is able to provide our agents with enhanced support and a better understanding of our processes. Our goal is to decrease trends in these areas and to determine if agents need additional information on our products, the
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Plan to certify with us on 7/10 | How to contract

Mark your calendar! 2020 producer certification starts July 10 Allina Health | Aetna Medicare’s 2020 producer certification process kicks off on July 10 at Our certification includes AHIP, plus several Aetna-specific training modules, and costs $125. That’s $50 off the retail price for AHIP. Learn more. It’s now easier and faster to contract with us The new enhanced contracting process for Allina Health | Aetna Medicare products is live. Uplines and recruiters can now invite new producers to contract with us through the tool. If existing agents need to make a contract update, their upline needs to send them
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Good News | Omaha’s Broker Bonus Program Now Extended

Don’t Forget About Omaha’s Med Supp Broker Bonus Program Mutual of Omaha has extended their Medicare Supplement Broker Bonus Program through the third quarter! Earn a cash bonus when you sell Omaha’s Medicare supplement and SELECT products from July 1, 2019 – September 30, 2019. New for this quarter — Unique program rules for Indiana, Missouri, Montana, South Carolina and Wisconsin. Don’t miss out – Click below for full details: Med Supp Broker Bonus Program – 2019 Read Full Good News Announcement Questions? Call the GoldenCare Marketing Team at 800-842-7799! Don’t forget to subscribe to our News Digest for all the
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“Scientists close in on blood test for Alzheimer’s”

“Scientists close in on blood test for Alzheimer’s,” by Marilynn Marchione, Associated Press “Scientists are closing in on a long-sought goal — a blood test to screen people for possible signs of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. On Monday at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, half a dozen research groups gave new results on various experimental tests, including one that seems 88% accurate at indicating Alzheimer’s risk. Doctors are hoping for something to use during routine exams, where most dementia symptoms are evaluated, to gauge who needs more extensive testing. Current tools such as brain scans and spinal
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“Liz Weston: 3 steps to keep ‘solo agers’ happier and safer”

“Liz Weston: 3 steps to keep ‘solo agers’ happier and safer,” by Liz Weston, Washington Post “Many people won’t have children to look after them as they age, either because they didn’t have kids or the ones they have aren’t available or reliable. Without that help, they face greater risks of isolation, financial exploitation, malnutrition and other ills, says Geber, author of ‘Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers.’ Who will let them know when it’s time to stop driving? Who will notice signs of physical or cognitive decline and find appropriate help? Who will pay their bills, vet their financial
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