GoldenCare’s Decline Placement Program

You’ve made the appointment, given the presentation, and closed the sale! ✔
Your client is comfortable with their decision and is feeling secure they will be covered in a health crisis. ✔

And then your client receives a decline letter.

GoldenCare's Decline Placement Program

Our GoldenCare Placement Team can help you get that client coverage and – most importantly – 
maintain that strong relationship you worked so hard to build.

 1.  Fill out the form below

2.  Watch your inbox for quote and client materials

3.  Save that client sale!

Coverage for your client for virtually:

✔  Any Health Condition
✔  Any Budget
✔  Any State

GoldenCare will not contact your client directly, sell, or share your client information.   We use all of the top carriers to match your client with the plan options customized for their health, budget and state.   In the event you are not appointed with a carrier, we can help you get appointed or if you do not wish to be appointed with a carrier – with your permission – we can facilitate the sale and give you a generous fee.  You’ll see on the form below, we do not even require their name!