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If you had no QUALIFYING PERIOD* production:
Receive $100 Cash Bonus per applicant

• 10% over QUALIFYING PERIOD* production:
Receive $150 Cash Bonus per applicant

• 15% over QUALIFYING PERIOD* production:
Receive $200 Cash Bonus per applicant

• 20% over QUALIFYING PERIOD* production:
Receive $250 Cash Bonus per applicant

All business for this promotion must be written between October 1, 2021 — December 31, 2021.
To qualify, coverage must ultimately be issued and accepted, with Annualized Premium per Applicant averaging no less than $1,500. * QUALIFYING PERIOD defined as 2021 1st, 2nd OR 3rd Quarter, whichever had HIGHEST annualized premium production of written/accepted Mutual of Omaha LTCi business. Qualifying products include Mutual of Omaha’s MutualCare® Custom Solution and MutualCare® Secure Solution.

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You must be a GoldenCare-Appointed Agent to participate and collect your bonus(es). Does not apply to captive agents/agencies, and certain MGA’s or GA’s.

Contest rules may change without notice. Some restrictions may apply. Final Qualification criteria, agent participation, bonus payout and all contest decisions rests solely with GoldenCare USA.


True Freedom's Best Incentive Yet | Build Your Brand and Grow Your Business with Your Own Website and Customized Marketing System - FOR FREE

Many of you have been asking us for an online platform to help promote True Freedom. We found an innovative, and easy-to-navigate marketing system to grow your business by establishing your own digital footprint. You can increase not only your True Freedom sales, but sales of other products you offer!

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Just 1 True Freedom enrollment between 9/15/2021 – 12/31/2021 to receive your fantastic customized digital platform + 1 year membership to Amaze Health for FREE* — valued at nearly $1,000 based on market cost.*


✓ Professional Website & Marketing Platform

✓ No Set Up or Hidden Fees – Maintenance FREE

✓ Can Integrate with Your Existing Website

✓ 1-Stop-Source for Consumer Product Needs

✓ Lead Generation & Consumer Direct Sales

✓ Create Online Rapport, Credibility and Trust

✓ Quote Capture – True Freedom, Medicare, LTC, etc.

✓ Inform, Educate, and Persuade More Effectively

✓ Online Quote & Buy Auto & Home. Shop to Save $$

✓ Be a Resource in Product Areas You Don’t Offer

✓ Get A Referral Fee on Every Auto & Home Quote

✓ Website Can Translate from English to Spanish

FAST FIVE INCENTIVE PROGRAM — starting 9/15/2021 and ends 12/31/2021

1st Enrollment — 1st Year Digital Platform + 1 Year Amaze Health Subscription for FREE!**
2nd Enrollment — $100 Cash Bonus!
3rd Enrollment — $100 Cash Bonus!
4th Enrollment — $100 Cash Bonus!
5th Enrollment — $100 Cash Bonus + 2nd Year Digital Platform Subscription for FREE!**

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GoldenCare | 10700 Old County Rd 15 | Plymouth, MN 55441
Phone: 800-842-7799 | Fax: 866-863-8608 |

* Thorough research showed the average retail cost for a customized website is $60 per month, which is $720 a year. The Amaze Health yearly membership cost is $240.

** Subscriptions are for one year. After your free year(s), you can renew at your own expense at the True Freedom discounted rate. You will be notified via email of the renewal process. If you DO NOT select the marketing platform, you will receive a $100 cash bonus instead.
The Amaze Health Virtual Primary Care, Urgent Care 1st year membership is included in the marketing platform. This is Tele Doc on steroids, is available in 80 different languages, and is ideal supplement for individuals with high deductible health insurance coverage!