GoldenCare’s Current Promotion

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Our ManhattanLife OmniFlex™ STC 1st App Incentive

Earn a $200 CASH BONUS for OmniFlex™ business written within 30 days of completing your appointment!*


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Call our Marketing Team at 800.842.7799
or email

All business for this promotion must be written & issued between 08/15/2023 — ONGOING.
*To qualify, coverage must ultimately be issued & accepted, with the application sign date occuring within 30 days of your ManhattanLife OmniFlex appointment being finalized. Annualized Premium per Applicant must be no less than $800. You must be a GoldenCare-appointed agent to participate and collect prize(s), with business generating some override to GoldenCare. Does not apply to captive agents/agencies, and certain MGA’s or GA’s. Contest rules may change without notice. Some restrictions may apply. Final Qualification criteria, agent participation, bonus payout and all contest decisions rest solely with GoldenCare. For complete Rules & Conditions, visit:

In addition to the sales incentive currently taking place,
you can always earn rewards through our GoldenCare Rewards program!

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There are several ways to earn Reward points, and agents can elect to redeem their points for a 1,000-piece mail-drop Lead Program
OR for an Gift Card!


With these options, you have countless ways to get the rewards you deserve!