Annuity Referral Program
Annuity and Life Partner Services (ALPS)

ALPS Annuity Referral Program | Drive Growth with Annuity and Life Referrals

Introducing GoldenCare’s new Annuity Referral Program!

We’re excited to announce the availability of a new Annuity Referral Program through our Partnership with Annuity and Life Partner Services (ALPS)!

Offering your clients additional retirement planning solutions outside your Long-Term Care and Medicare expertise can be a lucrative breeze! Your clients can still benefit from the coverage, no additional training or appointments are required of you, and you’ll still generate additional revenue!

Additional Information
Looking for additional information on how you can get licensed so you can start generating extra additional revenue by partnering with ALPS?

Check out our guide!

ALPS Licensing Guide

If you’re like many agents working in the Long-Term Care insurance or Medicare space, you encounter people that have questions about how to handle their retirement savings. If you don’t work in that space and aren’t comfortable with that conversation, you have a partner that can help!

Annuity And Life Partner Services (ALPS) is another valuable resource made available to you as an agent working with GoldenCare. It was created to partner with agents who work in the senior market but don’t offer retirement planning. It is a referral-based service. That means you can refer your clients to them for these services, but they remain your clients for the lines of business that you service.

How it works:

  • You refer your client to ALPS for retirement planning consultation after discovering the need by going to and completing a referral form.
  • Your ALPS agent engages in a meaningful income and risk planning discussion with the client.
  • Appropriate, ethical, and suitable solutions will be presented to your client based on their unique needs.
  • You are advised of the progress at every step of your client’s journey.
  • You are paid a share of the commissions if a product or products are issued and placed. (You must have a valid life license to receive referral fees).
  • You maintain your relationship with your client and lower the risk of them looking elsewhere for other insurance services!

Contact us today for more information on this important resource to help to you grow your business, increase your income, and create a better client experience!

For Financial Professional use only, not for use with the general public.
ALPS can assist your clients regardless if the producer is licensed and/or participates. The Producer may opt to refer clients to ALPS and waive compensation. Referral compensation will only be paid based on 1) Sales of an annuity/life product to the client, 2) verification of an active Life Insurance license, and 3) published commission rates or product that is sold. The Life Insurance license must be active on the date of referral for the producer to receive compensation.