GoldenCare’s Perfect Portfolio

There are a lot of products to choose from in today’s ever-changing market.  To help you out, we’ve hand-selected a few insurance plans that we feel would contribute most and help make up your “perfect portfolio.”  The plans range from traditional long-term care insurance, high-risk LTCi alternatives, to near-guaranteed issue plans that fill gaps and offer a safety net for the very unhealthy.  Our perfect portfolio plans can help you close more sales, save time, lessen underwriting headaches, make more money and — most importantly — help more people.

Look for the gold star () throughout the site, indicating the plan is part of our Perfect Portfolio.

Mutual of Omaha, traditional Long-Term Care Insurance
MutualCare Custom Solutions

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GoldenCare is proud to have helped in the design of our premier Long-Term Care product, MutualCare Custom Solution.

For prospects without too many major health concerns, we feel that this traditional LTCi product — with its first-day cash benefits — is often the very best choice for protection.  Read More

*Availability & Benefits May Vary by State. For Agent Use Only – See Carrier Product Literature for Full Details.

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Minnesota Life/Securian Life, Life + Chronic/Terminal Illness Benefits

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A new product was recently launched by Minnesota Life, and it immediately caught our attention. CareShield™ is the newest solution for aging clients, loaded with guarantees, but built to be SIMPLE! This policy throws the marketing net wide with its continuous pay, guaranteed-for-life premiums for life insurance protection with accelerated benefits for your clients’ future care needs and built-in return of premium options.

With its simplicity and guarantees, CareShield was an obvious choice for our GoldenCare ‘Perfect Portfolio.’  Live, die or quit — this policy delivers!  Plus – the renewal commissions on this product are MUCH stronger than other traditional life insurance products.

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*Availability & Benefits May Vary by State.  For Agent Use Only — See Carrier Literature for Full Details. **Max. monthly benefit is equal to the lesser of 4% of the death benefit or IRS per diem limit.  As long as the insured is certified as chronically ill, the full chronic illness benefit payment will be paid after a 90 day elimination period, can be used for any purpose policyholder chooses, and policyholder can accept a lesser amount if they choose.

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United Security Assurance, Long-Term Care Insurance
LifeStyle Solutions Select

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For many Americans with extended health conditions, access to LTC insurance coverage can be challenging.  For these individuals, LifeStyle Solutions Select can be a great solution.  USA expanded their underwriting guidelines to offer coverage for individuals who may not have been able to obtain LTC insurance elsewhere. Read More

*Availability & Benefits May Vary by State.  For Agent Use Only — See Carrier Literature for Full Details.

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Guarantee Trust Life (“GTL”), Critical Illness+
Critical Cash™

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GoldenCare is proud to have contributed in the development of the concept & design of GTL’s Critical Cash — an even more flexible version of Critical Care!

Like its predecessor, Critical Cash was primarily designed to help people who may not qualify for traditional LTCi.  The plan has less than one page of health questions and pays cash benefits upon diagnosis of a covered critical illness such as Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, heart attacks, strokes, etc. Read More

*Availability & Benefits May Vary by State. For Agent Use Only — See Carrier Literature for Full Details.

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Guarantee Trust Life (“GTL”), Short-Term Care Insurance
Short-Term Home Health Care

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GTL understands that most Americans would prefer to recuperate at home. The new Short-Term Home Health Care insurance pays benefits directly to clients, regardless of whether they have any other insurance.

Three plans are available, offering different daily benefit amounts based upon the Plan selected.* Read More

*Availability & Benefits May Vary by State. For Agent Use Only — See Carrier Literature for Full Details.

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Kemper Senior Solutions, Short-Term Care Insurance
Home Health Care Insurance Plan

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The Kemper Senior Solutions Home Health Care plan is the perfect complementary product for any agent selling health products (especially LTCi!) to the 50+ market.  This plan can serve as a GREAT safety net for those who have health issues that prevent them from getting other protection like a long-term care plan. Read More

*This is a brief description of some of the provisions of policies individually underwritten by Kemper Senior Solutions.  Only the actual policy provisions will control. Form numbers, benefits, policy provisions and availability may vary by state. See Carrier Literature for full details on benefits, costs, limitations, exclusions and waiting periods.

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