GoldenCare Celebrates Our 50-Year Anniversary

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Celebrating Our 50-Year Anniversary

2024 holds a lot of significance for GoldenCare — it marks our 50th Year Anniversary in the senior insurance space. This milestone reflects our dedication and passion in helping our agents secure their clients’ financial futures.

In 1974, Lenny Anderson’s dream of building his own insurance agency became a reality and over time evolved into a large (and still growing) business. The name was changed to National Independent Brokers in 1976, and later changed to GoldenCare to coincide with sales of the first insurance policy incorporating our designs. Through various partnerships and building rapport with insurance companies, GoldenCare became recognized as one of the most prominent and successful senior insurance marketing organizations in the country.

Our experience and knowledge allows us to work closely with the insurance companies we represent. When we see an unfulfilled industry need, we work directly with carriers to design new products. This is evident in the burgeoning Short-Term Care insurance market, and our contributions to OmniFlex™ STCi with ManhattanLife. Not only is our expertise acknowledged and respected, but it is sought after.

Now we take a moment to look back and reflect, appreciating the growth and journey over the past 50 wonderful years. Help us celebrate not only GoldenCare’s rich history as a company, but also Lenny’s accomplishments and leadership. Cheers to another 50 more years!

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