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Traditional Long-Term Care Insurance vs Hybrids
What is best for YOUR client?

Head to head match up between Long-Term Care insurance and Hybrids

Who wins?

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The Missing Link In Your Financial Plan
Long-Term Care  Consumer Presentation

This is the Long Term Care presentation that has sold millions in  long-term care  insurance!
Use this as a training tool and sharpen up your presentation skills.

How do you sell Long- Term Care Insurance?

This is how.

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When & How to “Pivot” | Tom Randall

If one plan doesn’t work for your client – PIVOT to the next plan.

The days are long gone of making your living based on the sales of just a few Long-Term Care Insurance products. The traditional LTCi market has changed too much – and as agents, we need to change as well.

Learn WHY and HOW to pivot during the sales process, allowing you to help more people, close more sales and make more money.

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LTC & Alternative Solutions | Tom Randall

The product options you need to help you help more people.

With the Aging of America, the problems facing our existing social programs, and the high cost of long term care services, these are the product options you need to know to help more people out there in the field. From traditional long term care to home health care to new hybrid plans, we specialize in helping you get more people covered.

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Longevity Health Planning | Dennis Rinner

Incorporate Long Term Care insurance into your portfolio.

Listen in on the unique breakthrough approach to incorporating Long-Term Care insurance into your practice.

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LTC Expert’s Insight | Harry Crosby

Sell like the experts!

Harry is a recognized leader, setting national production records in 1995 based solely on the sales of ONE carrier’s Long-Term Care insurance policy.

He is still hugely successful in today’s market, having adopted a mindset and strategy allowing him to close more sales now than possible five years ago!

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Dial It Down: Lower Inflation = Lower Cost | Jon Randall

New plan-design strategies that can help you increase your sales.

By taking advantage of Mutual of Omaha’s unparalleled flexibility, you can dial down the premium using one of 69 Inflation Rider/Inflation Term combinations on the Custom Solution plan!

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Designing Affordable LTCi Plans | Jeff Clark

Make Long-Term Care insurance affordable for your clients.

Are your clients struggling with high LTCi premiums?
GoldenCare’s Jeff Clark, a skilled LTCi agent with 20+ years of experience, shares expert tips & proven strategies for plan designs that don’t break the bank!

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Mutual of Omaha’s MutualCare Training | Jon Randall

GoldenCare is proud to have helped in the design of our premier Long-Term Care product, MutualCare Custom Solution. This product is very competitively priced and has all the benefits & features needed to allow you to design a plan that fits each of your clients’ individual needs and budgets.

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Mutual of Omaha’s e-App Demo | Jenn Felten

Get tips to avoid common mistakes, review different consumer signature options, and learn what to expect after submission! Using the Mutual of Omaha e-App, there’s never been an easier way to submit business!

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Mutual of Omaha’s New LTCi Solution: Omaha’s IUL with LTC Rider | Special Guest

GoldenCare welcomes Sandy Pitre, Brokerage Life Sales Director at Mutual of Omaha for an intro to Omaha’s new LTC Rider available on the Income Advantage IUL and Life Protection Advantage IUL

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Omaha’s Underwriting Insights & Amendment Process | Special Guest

GoldenCare is pleased to have Demerri Bond, Mutual of Omaha’s LTC Underwriting Manager, and Aaron Smallwood, Mutual of Omaha’s Underwriting Support Supervisor (LTC) for this special training event.

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Mutual of Omaha’s The Unique Tax Advantages of Traditional LTC | Tom Fridrich

The tax saving potential of a traditional Long Term Care policy. Learn how you can help individual and business owners reduce their tax bill while planning for their future long-term care needs.

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EssentialLTC LTCi Unique Features Open Doors to New Sales Opportunities | Special Guest

Guest Speakers Lawrence Vivenzio & Marc Glickman from National Guardian Life show you the “sweet spots” and unique benefits that make the EssentialLTC plan so appealing to a variety of clients!

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NGL EssentialLTC LTCi for Almost Any Business | Special Guest

EssentialLTC’s program for the worksite is available to businesses with at least 5 employees, offers a streamlined group approval process, has low minimum participation, and features competitively priced comprehensive benefit options.

If you haven’t considered promoting LTCi in the worksite market, this innovative product may change your mind!

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Transamerica TransCare III

TransCare III is Transamerica’s latest generation LTCi product (gender-rated).  It was designed to provide customized coverage to fit different clients’ individual needs and ability to pay premiums.  TransCare III features a first-day cash benefit that can be used however the insured sees fit

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Introducing Thrivent Long-Term Care Insurance | Special Guest

Learn about the benefit-rich traditional Long-Term Care solution backed by the strength and stability of the world’s largest fraternal benefit society!

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LTC vs. Hybrid – The Gloves Are Coming Off | Jeff Clark

Linked-Benefit or “Hybrid” insurance plans have gained popularity over the years, with more and more LTCi agents gravitating toward them.

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SecureCare Universal Life | Special Guest

Hybrid / Linked Benefit Policy.   Two insurance needs with one plan.

Your clients can’t predict when a health crisis might strike and derail their carefully crafted retirement plans and investment portfolios.
You can’t either.

But you can talk to them about SecureCare Universal Life, a linked-benefit product that:

* provides a cash benefit they can use however they want
* helps shield other assets from the impact of LTC expenses
* leaves a tax-free death benefit to beneficiaries
* offers a reduced paid-up benefit if they stop paying premiums

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One America | Keith Bercun

Hybrid / Linked Benefit Policy.  Two insurance needs with one plan.

Asset-Care is whole life insurance that allows access to 100 percent of the life policy death benefit to help pay for qualifying LTC expenses. Asset Care can help your clients retain their independence, preserve their dignity and leave a legacy for loved ones.

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LTC vs. Hybrid – The Gloves Are Coming Off | Jeff Clark

Linked-Benefit or “Hybrid” insurance plans have gained popularity over the years, with more and more LTCi agents gravitating toward them.

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GTL’s Critical Cash | Jeff Clark

Critical Illness on a LTCi chassis.  A great alternative for LTC declines!

• 4 Health Questions — Over 90% Issue Rate
• Pays 1st-Day Upon Diagnosis — Lump-Sum Benefits
• Can Pay Multiple Times – Not One and Done
• Pays Up To $5,500/Mos. Nursing Home – On Top of Basic Benefits

Flexible design allows affordability!

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GTL’s Short-Term Home Health Care | Jon Randall

“Instant issue” plan with only 3 knock out questions.  For your hard to insure clients.

Great insurance plan on its own, but paired with other GTL supplemental products (Critical Cash, Advantage Plus HIP, CI), you’ll really be able to maximize coverage for your clients!

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GTL’s Product Training | Michael Gende

Get the most out of Critical Cash and Short-Term Home Health Care

In addition to basic benefit information, Michael also emphasizes how well these two products complement one another.

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Aetna’s Recovery Care vs GTL’s Recover Cash | Jeff Clark

Short Term Care Plans

Despite the obvious similarities, there are plenty of differences between Aetna’s Recovery Care and GTL’s Recover Cash short-term care policies!

This video demonstration highlights the differences, providing insight on the unique niches of each, and focusing on the features that may make one more advantageous for your client than the other.

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True Freedom Home Care Plan with NO Medical Underwriting | Special Guest

Viable solutions for nearly every one of your client.

GoldenCare now offers True Freedom Home Care Plans as an LTC alternative! These are field-issue plans available in all 50 states!

All True Freedom Home Care Plans feature:
1-Question Field Issue | No Medical Underwriting | Available Nationwide | No Age Limit | No Elimination Period | No ADL Requirements | No Claim Forms

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Mutual of Omaha: Critical Advantage Solutions | Michael Prothe

Cancer | Cardiac | CI alternatives for your LTCi declines

Clients declined for LTCi with 2+ person family history of dementia could still be issued a Critical Advantage plan,


From filling gaps in Medicare coverage, to insuring LTCi declines from family history of musculoskeletal issues, Critical Advantage may be the plan for you.

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GTL’s Heritage Plan

Graded Benefit Whole Life Insurance

Does your client have a plan in place to help pay for their final expenses?

Who will pay medical bills, unpaid credit card balances or funeral/burial expenses?

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Active Care from Washington National | Special Guest

Critical Illness Plus.  Another alternative to your LTCi declines

GoldenCare’s Special Guest Speaker, Mark Warnock, Regional Sales Director for Washington National, gives an introductory training session on the Active Care product!

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Active Care from Washington National Part 2 – Deep Dive| Mark Warnock

Critical Illness Plus.  Another alternative to your LTCi declines

Sales strategies for utilizing the riders & modules introduced on our initial training. Sample plan designs are included, and we discuss how best to position Active Care for various types of clients.

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Mutual of Omaha  Medicare Supplement | Jason Weber

Medicare Supplement

Jason reviews the basics, compares premium rates, reiterates the strength of the Omaha brand, highlights discount programs, outlines the application process, and discusses high-level strategies & sales techniques!

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CSG Actuarial: Universal, Multi-Carrier Demos| Brien Welch

GoldenCare Agent Service Benefit

Medicare Quoting Tool | Electronic Scope of Approval | Comparison Tool

Actuarial is the must-have tool for you! Brien Welch demonstrates this innovative technology that allows agents to quote multiple carriers and submit a standardized, carrier-compliant application on the same platform.

E-App Demo     Electronic Scope of Appointment     Comparison Tool

Medicare Center: Multi-Carrier Online Enrollment Tool

GoldenCare Agent Benefit

Now you can use the same software that powers,
the official U.S. Government site for Medicare. Using Medicare Center, agents can enroll a client in a Medicare Advantage plan in 30 minutes or less, without the need to travel! See this special demo on how this intuitive enrollment tool can help you work more efficiently this season!

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Stratecision Long-Term Care Comparison Tool Demo | Lynn Voss

GoldenCare Agent Service Benefit

If you sell Long-Term Care insurance, StrateCision is a valuable must have tool allows you to quote and compare plans with all of the major LTCi companies. Plus, learn how you can use the WebAdvisor section of the tool to compare features and gain an edge on the competition!

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LTC CEO Office, Home and Internet Software Demo | Cori Fountain

GoldenCare Agent Service Benefit

Demo of our premier Agent Sales Software – everything you need
to succeed in the field at your fingertips!

Customizable Consumer Presentations | Calculators | Answers to Objections | Sales Tips |
Internet Sales | Medicare, Medicaid, VA and Sales Resources

Find out how to get your copy free or your purchase a copy

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CareOptions Health and Wellness Hub | Bob Pearson

GoldenCare Agent Service Benefit

GoldenCare is pleased to offer CareOptions, an award-winning software platform that offers countless, valuable healthcare and wellness resources, interactive health assessment tools, unbiased information on the health and wellness topics that matter to your clients, prospects and groups!

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CSG Actuarial Hospital Indemnity Quick Demonstration

GoldenCare Agent Service Benefit

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CSG Actuarial Final Expense Quick Demonstration

GoldenCare Agent Service Benefit Video   

The Missing Link In Your Financial Plan | Jeff Clark

Long-Term Care Consumer Presentation

This is the Long Term Care presentation that has sold millions in long-term care insurance!  Use this as a training tool and sharpen up your presentation skills.

How do you sell Long- Term Care Insurance?

This is how.

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Industry Updates 2019 | Jesse Slome

Annual Expert Industry Wrap Up –  Plan for the new year!

Our wrap of the Senior Market and Long-Term Care of 2019 with special guest, nationally recognized expert in Long-Term Care insurance, Short-Term Care insurance, Medicare Supplement, Critical Illness insurance and the marketing and sale of insurance and financial products Jesse Slome!