Medicare Center
Multi-Carrier Online Enrollment Tool

You now can use the same software that powers, the official
U.S. Government site for Medicare

Click the Medicare Center image above, or visit, and use your National Producer Number (NPN) for access. Login credentials format listed below:

USERNAME:  Your National Producer Number
PASSWORD*:  NPN(Last four digits of NPN)

You will be prompted to change your password on 1st login.

Username:  16762668
Password:  NPN2668


The best part? This tool is offered to our agents absolutely FREE!

Need some extra guidance? Review the full Medicare Center User Guide here.

Medicare Center-Text to Enroll!

Medicare Center: Text to Enroll!

New for AEP 2021

Offering Agents the Greatest Flexibility in Telework, Customer Engagement and Increasing Medicare Enrollments. With easy and flexible functionality, all agents can build seniors’ trust and retain customers for life. Available for call centers and field agents to:

Send link via text or email for seniors to review, sign and submit their enrollments.

Engage seniors on the phone and verbally communicate a personal code so they can enroll with your guidance right then and there.

Let your customers decide how they want to sign their enrollment electronically.
Both TEXT and EMAIL signature options are available.

Click here for a pre-recorded live demonstration

Watch the video below for a basic introduction:

Advantages to using this Multi-Carrier Online Enrollment Tool:

  • Send electronic comparisons to clients quickly and compliantly.
  • Electronic scope is stored internally, so there is no need to worry about paper scope with electronic enrollment.
  • Cross-compare plans among multiple carriers.
  • Use the CRM tool to track new/existing clients.
  • Greatly increase sales by saving time! You can enroll a client in 20-30 minutes without leaving your home/office.
  • can be a great way to drive home those last-minute enrollments!
  • It’s great when in a crunch and you cannot travel.
  • Integrity Marketing Group offers personalized walkthroughs on the system, so no need to stress. Plus, live webinars are held every Tuesday & Thursday!
  • And the best part is, this tool is offered to our agents absolutely FREE!
  • PLUS, Broker-specific URLs are HERE!

Broker-Specific URLs are HERE!

These broker-specific shopping pages provide the following features:

  • Brokers automatically receive commission for any enrollments completed through their page.
  • Each shopping site enforces unique broker licensing rules, showing only the plans that the broker is licensed to sell. This ensures that brokers can always receive commission for the plans purchased through their page.
  • Brokers can provide a direct link to their URL in their email signature or marketing materials.
  • Each page is personalized with the broker’s contact information at the top, allowing beneficiaries to quickly and easily contact the broker at any time.
  • Brokers automatically receive an email notification when an enrollment is submitted through their page!

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