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Administration Len Anderson Founder 800-842-7799 Ext. 206
Administration Michael Lynch General Manager 800-842-7799 Ext. 274
Administration Lori Fjelstad Vice President of Administration 800-842-7799 Ext. 206
Brokerage Tom Randall National Marketing Director 800-842-7799 Ext. 212
Brokerage Jenn Felten Director of Operations 800-842-7799 Ext. 210
Brokerage Dennis V. Rinner CFP® Director of Strategic Accounts 509-961-9924
Brokerage Cris Paulson Regional Director 800-842-7799 Ext. 442
Brokerage Jeff Clark Regional Director 800-842-7799 Ext. 254
Brokerage Jon Randall Regional Director 800-842-7799 Ext. 201
Brokerage Lynn Voss Marketing Support 800-842-7799 Ext. 220
Brokerage Manny Rosen Marketing Support 800-842-7799 Ext. 224
Brokerage Cori Fountain Rewards/A2/LTCCEO Support 386-473-3300
Career Agent Development Tim Casey Vice President of Career Agent Development 800-842-7799 Ext. 214
Career Agent Development Jessica Fjelstad Administrator 800-842-7799 Ext. 261
Career Agent Development Courtney Casey Assistant Administrator 800-842-7799 Ext. 260
Career Agent Development Katy McCourtney Assistant Administrator 800-842-7799 Ext. 257
Commission Accounting Jackie Lang Senior Clerk 800-842-7799 Ext. 208
Commission Accounting Jennifer Perlinger Senior Clerk 800-842-7799 Ext. 215
GoldenCare Direct Tom Wright Director of Medicare Brokerage 651-395-4400
GoldenCare Direct Teresa Clark Medicare Department Administrator 651-395-4409
GoldenCare Direct Tristen Spencer Project Manager Medicare Brokerage 651-395-4401
GoldenCare Direct Jon Mikolyzk Agent Support Medicare Brokerage 612-223-8721
Information Technology Patrick Bibro Senior Director of Technology & Accounting 800-842-7799 Ext. 204
Information Technology David Deuel IT Support 800-842-7799 Ext. 213
Licensing Irina Smith Manager of Licensing 800-843-7799 Ext. 270
Licensing Candace Baker Licensing 800-842-7799 Ext. 219
Licensing Leanne Goodridge Licensing 800-842-7799 Ext. 221
New Business Herman Strauch Manager of New Business & Supplies 800-842-7799 Ext. 249
New Business Audrey Roettger Processing 800-842-7799 Ext. 283
New Business Julie Anderson-Simonson Processing 800-842-7799 Ext. 439
Receptionist Sara Thielges Receptionist 800-842-7799 Ext. 200
Supplies Steve Nelson Supply Lead 800-842-7799 Ext. 287