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CareOptions is an award-winning  platform that offers countless, valuable healthcare and wellness resources, interactive health assessment tools, unbiased information on the health and wellness topics that matter to your clients, and so much more!

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Who can benefit from the CareOptions program?

YOUR CLIENTS:  Anyone can participate! No purchase necessary. Give access to existing clients to provide added value, and to new prospects to generate leads. Medicare clients may find the program especially beneficial, since Medicare Supplements do not include health & wellness programs!

YOU:  Monthly informative emails help establish rapport and keep your name and contact information front-and-center. Plus, GoldenCare covers the cost of this program for appointed agents. It is FREE to you and your clients!

What features, benefits and services can be accessed inside CareOptions?

CareOptions provides everything from local costs of care, hospital quality of care ratings, care facility background info and ratings, physician directories, Advance Directives and Care-Alert emergency notifications, to a full library of everyday health topics and solutions!

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What do clients see?

Monthly emails will showcase new features and tools within CareOptions, with YOUR name and contact information.

Once signed in, clients will see the tools and features arranged like apps on a mobile device! Take a look:

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CareOptions News:

Clients Unsure Of Their Cognitive Capabilities?
Here’s How They Can Test It!

Currently, there are 5.4 million Americans living with Alzheimer’s, and 1 in 7 older adults is living with some form of dementia or cognitive impairment in general.

Cognitive skills are the core skills our brains use to think, read, learn, remember, reason, and pay attention. Working together, they take incoming information and move it into the bank of knowledge used every day at school, work and in life.

Cognitive impairment can be caused by aging, illness, emotional stress, depression, medications, or other unknown factors. Dementia is a gradual deterioration of intellectual faculties and memory, usually due to an organic disorder of the brain. Alzheimer’s is the most common form of dementia and causes progressive destruction of brain cells which leads to increasingly severe declines in memory, thinking, and reasoning.

CareOptions provides an important Cognitive Assessment as a preliminary step in identifying any signs of cognitive impairments like those in dementia and Alzheimer’s.

If your clients have concerns about themselves, a family member or friend, recommend they log in to with their Member Passcode to take the early detection Cognitive Asssessment. If concerns are well-founded, the test results will advise them to contact a medical professional for a review. Early detection is vital in getting proper treatment and care.

Now Clients Can Find It All In One Place

CareOptions maintains more than 2.2 million care resources that allows your clients to search for a broad range of care services anywhere in the nation. Most importantly, we maintain these resources all in one place. They are free of ads and care providers do not pay to be listed. We list them all to give clients unbiased information so they can search with ease and convenience. There is nothing else like it anywhere.

Whether looking to check on the ratings and patient reviews of a hospital locally or out of state, or review surveys and inspection results of a near-by nursing home, CareOptions has it all.

These resources are divided into 5 different categories so it’s simple to search and locate precisely the type of care provider or facility your clients are looking for.

Invite your clients to check out the Search for Resources application within CareOptions, so they’ll remember this valuable resource when they themselves, or their family, needs it.

CareOptions List Of Services

Now you can find out quickly and easily about each feature and benefit the CareOptions program offers your existing clients and prospects. Simply click the link below for a complete list of available resources – you won’t find most of these resources anywhere else.

CareOptions is a valuable service with totally unbiased care resources and health care planning tools with no ads and nothing to buy. If your clients are already taking advantage of CareOptions, there is nothing to apply for – access to these unique services is already available at no charge.

CareOptions provides everything from local costs of care, hospital quality of care ratings, care facility background info and ratings, physician directories, Advance Directives and Care-Alert emergency notifications, to a full library of everyday health topics and solutions!

CareOptions List Of Services

Is Your Client’s Local Hospital Dangerous?

There is a growing problem in our hospitals today – many people are acquiring infections they didn’t have when they were admitted. CareOptions maintains and makes available important background information on most hospitals in the United States. Now your clients can find out how specific hospitals rate on spreading infections to other patients, also known Hospital-Acquired Conditions (HAC).

An HAC is a condition, disease, infection or other type of medical complication that happened because of a recent stay in a hospital, and was not part of or caused by the original illness or condition that prompted the hospital stay in the first place.

Many of the hospital listings in CareOptions are rated annually and given an HAC “score” from 1 through 10, with 10 being the worst and indicating the hospital had a greater rate of patient harm for acquired infections or complications.

Urge your clients not to wait until hospital care is needed! Clients can sign up for access to CareOptions, and can check out the hospitals in their area (or anywhere in the country) right away! Knowing this information can help your clients make safer and more informed health care decisions, which can have a positive impact on themselves and their loved ones.

CareOptions: A valuable gift to share now

According to multiple recent studies, a staggering 2 out of every 3 Americans do not have a completed Advance Directive. If this applies to your clients, how can you assist in ensuring their health care wishes are honored if they are unable to communicate? With CareOptions, your clients can prepare Advance Directives for themselves and their entire family — at NO charge!

An Advance Directive – which includes Health Care Power of Attorney documents and/or Living Wills – is a gift your clients can give to their families. Such directives will avoid forcing family members into making potentially devastating and painful decisions about your clients’ care, and possibly even decisions that may not honor your clients’ wishes.

CareOptions has made it convenient and easy to create an Advance Directive. Our newest feature allows your client to directly email these documents to their family, physician, or anyone they choose to ensure that those who need to know their wishes, will.

Help your clients give their families the peace-of-mind knowing their most personal wishes will be honored — give your clients CareOptions so they can prepare their Advance Directive today!

Help your clients make their home safe

Staying independent and living at home is immportant to your clients and their older family members. CareOptions can help with that.

In the U.S. one in every three seniors over the age of 65 falls each year. And falls and home accidents are some of the most common reasons why seniors end up hospitalized or need to move to alternative living facilities like a nursing home.

Help your clients avoid this by urging them to take the Home Safety Assessment within CareOptions. This exclusive, popular assessment walks consumers through a series of questions specifically about THEIR home. After the questions are answered, it will compute specific solutions to fix identified safety risks.

Encourage your clients to take the Home Safety Assessment – it’s one of the easiest yet most important assessments they can take to remain safely in their homes.

Your clients can stay in their own home

Whether for your client or one of their family members, the ability to live in one’s own home for as long, as confidently, and as comfortably as possible is important — this is termed “Aging in Place.”

CareOptions provides the Aging in Place Technology Watch blog, an application that families can use to find tools to help them maintain their independence.

The Aging in Place Technology Watch blog has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, The NY Times, USA Today, MoneyWatch  and US News & World Report.

Invite your clients to check out the Aging in Place Technology Watch application in the feature section within CareOptions. This, and other CareOptions features, can help keep your clients and their family members where they want to be as they age — at home!

CareOptions Can Help Your Clients With Difficult Conversations

Practical and personally-tailored guidance can be difficult to come by when your clients are dealing with tough issues regarding elderly family members. The “Conversations about Caring for Elders” section within CareOptions makes it easier – featuring over 20 topics on real-life scenarios – with solutions and compassionate insight – on a wide range of sensitive issues related to the care, well-being, and safety of an aging loved one.

Difficult decisions on an elderly family member’s ability to safely drive their vehicle; Addressing end-of-life wishes; Adult children leaving jobs or reducing work hours due to increased care needs of an aging family member.

Give your clients invaluable tools and practical advice on compassionate ways to communicate on delicate topics, with CareOptions’ “Conversations about Caring for Elders”!

CareOptions Workplace Solutions Wins the GOLD in the 26th Annual National Mature Media Awards for 2017

August 2017 GOLD Award, Workplace Solutions – Best Caregiving – Click here for details

CareOptions National Mature Media Awards image

Category — Online/Digital Resource
GOLD – CareOptions Workplace Solutions – Caregiving Resources

Hundreds of state and national organizations enter the National Mature Media Awards competition every year. Recent Gold & Silver winners have included: AARP, Area Agencies on Aging, Arthritis Foundation, Bluespire Senior Living, Hospitals and Health Systems, Mayo Clinic, Medicare Health Plans, Staywell and UnitedHealthcare.

The entries were judged by a distinguished panel of experts from across the United States for overall excellence of design, content, creativity and most importantly, relevance to the classification.

Congratulations NavGate Technologies & CareOptions!

CareOptions Takes the GOLD in Workplace Solutions

Something new for your clients and prospects is coming July 21, 2017.
It’s called WellCheck6!

WellCheck6 is an exclusive system of six early detection health, wellness and safety assessments designed to help identify and detect potential early-warning signs and safety issues before they become serious or hard to manage.

The convenient WellCheck6 assessments were designed for adults of all ages, from working age through retirement. The assessments are especially helpful for Mom and Dad – even if they live across the country.

Once the assessments are complete, the system prepares a scored, preliminary report with follow-up recommendations that can be automatically distributed to other family members, caretakers and/or healthcare and medical professionals.

Watch for WellCheck6 to be available on your Care Support Network LaunchPad starting July 21, 2017. In the meantime, get more details about this exciting new service by clicking the button below.

WellCheck6 – Be Ready. Be Well.

CareOptions received the top award for “Best Healthcare Content” from eHealthcare!

Some 230 healthcare organizations, representing a broad industry spectrum, received recognition for their outstanding websites and digital communications at a special presentation in Las Vegas on November 9 during the Twentieth Annual Healthcare Internet Conference. A total of 116 professionals with healthcare and the Internet backgrounds judged the entries.

CareOptions eHealth Leadership Award

Gold- NavGate Technologies, WI. CareOptions
Gold- Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation, MN. Agency: Hazelden Publishing
Silver- HealthCare Interactive and Alzheimer’s Association, MN. Dementia Basics Online Training Program
Silver- Beacon Health Options, VA.
Silver- Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, MD. Agency: CGI Federal

Congratulations NavGate Technologies & CareOptions!

See the entire bulletin here