Turning 65 Mobile App

Pinpoint T65 prospects in the palm of your hand

Use our Turning 65 Mobile App to instantly identify everyone who is about to turn 65 near you. Their location and details are displayed on a map, allowing you to efficiently reach out, introduce yourself and make contact.

By introducing yourself to your local T65 prospects, you can establish yourself as THE local expert for Medicare. Make a personal connection, answer any questions, arm them with info, and make a sale.

A great way to cross sell your MEDICARE clients with final expense.

With our Turning 65 Mobile App, you can:

Get MedSupp and MA
quotes in a click!

Instantly see people who are turning 65 near you

Quote Final Expense
products too

The best part? Our Turning 65 Mobile App is free for agents who do business with GoldenCare! Just fill out the elgibility form, and we’ll email you access instructions.

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You can use the T65 Locator tool on any device, including a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.