IUL Express Product Guide

Our IUL Express product offers simplified underwriting, the potential to earn cash value in addition to a death benefit, a zero percent floor, and an Easy Solve quoting option. This product guide provides a detailed look at each of these features. Protect your client’s memorable moments even faster, with IUL Express.   If you have questions, please contact your Account Executive or Sales Director.   IUL Express Product Guide   #goldencareagent #mutualofomaha #unitedofomaha
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Mutual Income Solutions Underwriting & Eligibility

Mutual Income Solutions Underwriting Our goal is to provide the best possible offer of disability income insurance to help protect your client’s income. Below are the points of criteria we base each application on: Occupation — Depending on your client’s job duties, we’ll designate an occupation risk class. Health — A health interview and medical tests may be required depending on benefits applied for. Income — Financial underwriting determines your client’s income in order to set the policy’s maximum monthly benefit.   For more details, review the Mutual Income Solutions Underwriting Guide.   Mutual Income Solutions Underwriting   Mutual Income
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