Coming Soon to New York: Mutual Income Solutions

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Coming Soon to New York: Mutual Income Solutions

You will soon be able to help protect your New York clients’ income in ways you never could before with our new disability income insurance product — Mutual Income Solutions.

The Need for Disability Income Insurance

Clients rely on their incomes to meet their financial needs. A disability income insurance policy helps replace a portion of their incomes if they’re sick or injured and unable to work. It’s financial protection that helps them focus more on their recovery and less on how they’ll cover expenses.

How Mutual Income Solutions Stands Out

Here are just two of the many ways the difference is obvious with Mutual Income Solutions:

  1. Monthly benefit amounts up to $20,000 that can help you meet all of your clients’ income needs, including those in the affluent market.
  2. Our e-Application and new producer tools make it easier to place business.


Discontinuing the DI Choice Product

With the launch of Mutual Income Solutions, we will be discontinuing our current DI Choice product in the state of New York.

More Information Coming Soon

Watch your inbox over the coming weeks for more information about Mutual Income Solutions.

Coming Soon to New York: Mutual Income Solutions