Ameritas Is Here to Help You Sell

Selling Made Simple AEP/OEP season is here! And there are so many things to think about when talking to your clients that it can be overwhelming. We’ve come to the rescue with a quick overview of Ameritas individual dental and vision plans to help you explain the benefits to your clients. PrimeStar® dental and vision plans Immediate savings: Coverage can start the next day, and there are no waiting periods on most PrimeStar plans so your clients can start saving on dental and vision services right away. Nationwide networks: Plan members can visit any dental or vision provider. They save
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We’ve increased comp on dental sales

Big News: Mutual of Omaha Increases Dental Comp Here’s something that’s sure to put a smile on your face — Mutual of Omaha has increased compensation on dental insurance sales! When you sell a Mutual of Omaha dental insurance policy*, you’ll earn not one…not two…how about THREE “extras”: Extra compensation that puts more money in your pocket Extra incentive credits that can help you reach your goal of qualifying for a 2023 Mutual Sales Leaders trip to Maui An extra 2% of dental ANBP in marketing credits when you sell a dental policy with a Med supp policy Our two
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