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AEP/OEP season is here! And there are so many things to think about when talking to your clients that it can be overwhelming. We’ve come to the rescue with a quick overview of Ameritas individual dental and vision plans to help you explain the benefits to your clients.

PrimeStar® dental and vision plans

  • Immediate savings: Coverage can start the next day, and there are no waiting periods on most PrimeStar plans so your clients can start saving on dental and vision services right away.
  • Nationwide networks: Plan members can visit any dental or vision provider. They save money, and may receive greater coverage, with network providers.
  • Product simplicity: The dental and vision plans offer a range of benefits at various price points to meet clients’ budget and needs. Clients can also receive credit for prior coverage when replacing their plan from another carrier (requirements apply).
  • Stand-alone or bundled products: The dental and vision plans have the flexibility of being offered as either stand-alone or bundled plans. By enrolling in both dental and vision, there is one bill and the same renewal date.
  • Supplement Medicare: Dental and vision plans are a great supplemental insurance option to Medicare. You can use page 55 of the 2023 Medicare and You Handbook to show your clients that most dental and vision care is not covered with Medicare plans. With Ameritas, clients can keep their dental and vision plan regardless of if they make changes to their medical plan.
  • Quick enrollment: The enrollment process takes just minutes to complete. Your clients can review the plans and enroll themselves through your unique shopping URL.

Ameritas offers dental and vision plans that can fit your client’s needs. For help suggesting the right dental plan for your client, check out this handy guide.

Choosing a Dental Plan


Ameritas Is Here to Help You Sell