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Part 1, Introduction to the Pivot Concept

Let Tom Randall show you why it is not enough to simply ‘set the table’ for a potential decline anymore.

Today, the wisest agents are taking full advantage of GoldenCare’s Perfect Portfolio of products and going into each presentation prepared to ‘serve, protect & feed nearly everyone.’

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Part 2, A Closer Look at the Pivot Presentation

Tom will walk you through the actual pivot presentation itself. See how to ask the right questions, easily move around in the power point, and zero in on the best solution for prospects.

Learn how effectively utilizing our Perfect Portfolio will make it easier to help more people… and earn more money in the process.

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Access the Pivot Consumer Presentation below


SPECIAL: “Missing Link” Consumer Presentation Pro Tips

Join our Long-Term Care Expert for tips on the “Missing Link” in your client’s portfolio. This is the Consumer Presentation that has sold millions!

Listen as our Expert goes through our field-proven Consumer Presentation. You’ll learn tips and strategies to make the most out of each and every meeting!

Watch! The Missing Link Presentation Pro Tips

Access the Missing Link Consumer Presentation below


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