GoldenCare Tips For New Business

GoldenCare Tips for submitting New Business When submitting a new business application for insurance, we recommend submitting a matching copy of the illustration along with it. This helps reduce confusion and provide clarity on the client’s intent. When benefit election(s) and/or premium do not match between the application & illustration, the New Business Team can more readily identify and correct potential errors. Take Advantage of GoldenCare’s App-Scrub Service Our Team will check for any missing information or signatures, ensuring everything is in good order before submitting to the insurance company for processing.   Questions?  Call our Marketing Team at 800-842-7799!
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A Valued GoldenCare Team Member Announces Retirement

Audrey Roettger Announces Her Retirement! After over 15 years of dedicated service in GoldenCare’s New Business Team, Audrey Roettger has announced her retirement beginning July 9, 2021. Over the years, Audrey’s thoroughness and attention to detail have been a great asset to GoldenCare. She has helped countless agents with new business applications submitted through our office, ensuring they go to the carrier in-good-order. Although we are very excited for Audrey, the news is bittersweet. We thank Audrey for her contributions. Join us in wishing her well in the much-deserved next chapter of her life! #goldencareagent #goldencarenewbusiness #gcstaff
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