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Social Distancing and Online Tools for Productivity:

“Social distancing” doesn’t have to bring your business to a halt.
Despite the widespread recommendation,
your business can still flourish using complimentary online tools
available through GoldenCare!

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Full Pre-Recorded Online Tool Demos

CSG Actuarial Comparison Tool
CSG Actuarial e-App (Med Supp)
CSG Hospital Indemnity Tool
CSG Final Expense Life Tool
Electronic Scope of Appointment
Mutual of Omaha’s LTCi e-App Demo
Medicare Center e-App (Med Adv)
StrateCision LTC Comparison Tool
LTC CEO Selling Tools Software

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Industry Updates 2019:

Get a jump on success in 2020 with our wrap of the Senior Market and Long-Term Care of 2019 with special guest, nationally recognized expert in Long-Term Care insurance, Short-Term Care insurance, Medicare Supplement, Critical Illness insurance and the marketing and sale of insurance and financial products Jesse Slome!

Sales Strategies Series:

GoldenCare’s Jon Randall, Regional Director for 20+ years, shows you new plan-design strategies that can help you increase your sales.

Dennis Rinner, CFP®, Director of Strategic Accounts of Integrity Long Term Care,
explains the unique breakthrough approach to incorporating Long-Term Care insurance into your practice.

The days of making your living based on the sales of just a few Long-Term Care insurance
products are long gone. The traditional LTCi market has
changed too much – and as agents, we need to change as well.

GoldenCare’s Tom Randall explains WHY and HOW to pivot during the sales process,
allowing you to help more people, close more sales and make more money.

With the Aging of America, the problems facing social programs in America
and the high cost of long term care services, these are the product options
you need to know to help more people out there in the field.
From traditional long term care to home health care to new hybrid plans,
we specialize in helping you get more people covered.

Are your clients struggling with high Long-Term Care insurance premiums?

GoldenCare’s Jeff Clark, a skilled Long-Term Care agent with 20+ years of experience,
has the expert tips & proven strategies for plan designs that don’t break the bank!

LTC vs. Hybrid – The Gloves Are Coming Off!

GoldenCare’s Jeff Clark, a skilled Long-Term Care agent with 20+ years of experience,
goes in-depth on Traditional Long-Term Care insurance vs. Hybrids.

Harry Crosby was thrilled at the chance to share his many years of experience,
his tips and sales techniques with all who attended.

And because his valuable insight can help YOU succeed,
we’re pleased to make the recording of this presentation available to everyone!

Demo of our premier Agent Sales Software – everything you need
to succeed in the field at your fingertips!

Customizable Consumer Presentations | Calculators | Answers to Objections | Sales Tips |
Internet Sales | Medicare, Medicaid, VA and Sales Resources

Find out how to get your copy free or your purchase a copy

If you sell Long-Term Care insurance, StrateCision is a valuable must have tool
that allows you to quote and compare plans with all of the major LTCi companies.
Plus, learn how you can use the WebAdvisor section of the tool to
compare features and gain an edge on the competition!

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Data Gathering Form from our “Mastering the Suitability Form” webinar

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