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Tom Randall

National Marketing Director Brokerage
Work Phone: 800-842-7799 Ext. 212


Tom Randall has been active in the insurance industry for
most of his life, starting in his brother’s multi-line agency
in 1978, at the age of thirteen.
Tom became the National Marketing Director for the
nationwide insurance training school, Randall Training
Schools, Inc. (RTS) from 1989-1997.
In 1997, Tom secured a position as a Regional Director
for GoldenCare USA, one of the nation’s largest and most
successful LTC agencies. In 2009, Tom was promoted to
National Marketing Director. Through those years, Tom
has helped create numerous insurance products, agent
sales aides and training presentations. He has recruited,
trained and managed agents in 25 states, and presented
hundreds of successful agent-training and LTC consumer
seminars across the nation.

GoldenCare Team Member since 1997.