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Jenn Felten

Director of Operations Brokerage
Work Phone: 800-842-7799 Ext. 210


GoldenCare Team Member since 1997.

Jenn Felten is the Director of Operations for GoldenCare.

Jenn Felten has been with GoldenCare now for over twenty years, having started in the Marketing Support department. Her cheerful attitude, infectious smile and willingness to go-the-extra-mile allowed her to excel, quickly propelling her into the role of Marketing Support Manager.

Jenn’s experience and product knowledge grew, and she was promoted to Regional Director for GoldenCare in the year 2000. After years of traveling to conduct classroom-style seminars, giving live webinar training, and expanding her role to assist with agent licensing and new business processing, Jenn was promoted to Director of Operations in 2019.

Fun fact about Jenn: Each year, Jenn looks forward to the warmer months, which means camping and spending time with her family. She has also been the Girl Scout Troop Leader for her daughter’s troop for the past 5 years.