“You, On Medicaid”

“You, On Medicaid,” by William Anderson, HuffPost

Three out of four people using a nursing home depend on Medicaid to pay for their care. That means you and your parents will probably be counting on Medicaid to pay for them. It means that there’s a very good chance you will be counting on it for yourself, and the quality of the place you go and the way you are treated will depend on the care that can be afforded. That care has a bad reputation now. What do you think it will be like if Medicaid is cut the way some people want?”

LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform):
Articles like this one, commonplace in the news these days, typify the “Medicaid trap.” That is: we’re all going to end up on Medicaid, so don’t cut it. The right way to think about the matter is: cut Medicaid to save it for the poor and use some of the savings to incentivize everyone else to plan, save, invest and insure for LTC . . . so they don’t fall into the Medicaid trap.

You, On Medicaid