South Carolina Tobacco Rating Change and Customer Refunds

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Tobacco rating changes have been made in the state of South Carolina.

The State of South Carolina has provided us with additional clarification on how we should be using the Tobacco rating during Open Enrollment (OE) and Guaranteed Issue (GI) situations on the Mutual of Omaha block of business. Moving forward, we will no longer be using Tobacco rating during OE/GI situations. We have updated our materials and internal system with this change. Attached is the revised Underwriting Guidelines which include those changes.

Customers that were charged using this rating will receive notification letters in the mail that will state their new corrected premium amount. The letter will also provide information about the refund check that they will be receiving separately. Letters will begin to be mailed on April 18th. Refund checks will be mailed separately but at the same time as the notification letter.

South Carolina Tobacco Rating Change and Customer Refunds