With CareOptions, Your Clients Can Find It All In One Place

Now Clients Can Find It All In One Place

CareOptions maintains more than 2.2 million care resources that allows your clients to search for a broad range of care services anywhere in the nation. Most importantly, we maintain these resources all in one place. They are free of ads and care providers do not pay to be listed. We list them all to give clients unbiased information so they can search with ease and convenience. There is nothing else like it anywhere.

Whether looking to check on the ratings and patient reviews of a hospital locally or out of state, or review surveys and inspection results of a near-by nursing home, CareOptions has it all.

These resources are divided into 5 different categories so it’s simple to search and locate precisely the type of care provider or facility your clients are looking for.

Invite your clients to check out the Search for Resources application within CareOptions, so they’ll remember this valuable resource when they themselves, or their family, needs it.

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