Why sell SecureCare III?

Securian III's powerful LTC benefits

SecureCare™ III’s powerful LTC benefits

SecureCare III, a long-term care (LTC) and nonparticipating whole life insurance policy, offers some of the largest LTC benefits in numerous scenarios

But that’s not the only reason we think we stand out from the competition. SecureCare III offers:

  1. A fully guaranteed inflation benefit. If your client adds the optional LTC Inflation Agreement to their policy, the benefits for both the Acceleration for LTC Agreement and Extension of LTC Agreement will inflate each year – even after they go on claim. And if they don’t take their full maximum monthly benefit while on claim, their inflation benefit will stay in their benefit pool.
  2. One of the most robust terminal illness benefits in the industry. If your client becomes terminally ill, they can receive their policy’s face amount minus the terminal illness residual face amount ($12,000).
  3. An optional premium waiver agreement for additional protection. If your client goes on claim while they’re still paying their premiums, we’ll waive their entire premium for as long as they’re receiving benefits.

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Why sell SecureCare III?