Transamerica: Primary Lab Partnership for Paramedical Services

Primary Lab for Paramedical Services

We have selected Clinical Reference Laboratory (CRL) as the primary laboratory for specimens collected during paramedical examinations. CRL is not a new vendor, we are just expanding their role.

You may notice that specimens are going to CRL. This change allows us to take advantage of our strategic relationship with CRL. This transition should be transparent to you and our applicants.

You may track your client’s specimen if you have the labslip number or the FedEx airbill number by accessing CRL’s status website. Enter in your browser, then enter the labslip number or airbill number and press enter. The site will provide basic status information about the sample. If you do not have the labslip number or airbill number, you may contact CRL’s customer service department at 1-800-882-1922 or to obtain status information. Please have the applicant’s name and date of birth available.

AccessMyLab from CRL is a service that allows your client to receive their lab results securely and conveniently. When your clients’ test results are ready, they can follow some simple instructions. There are no additional forms to fill out and no new user name or password to remember. Your client can view lab data online and print their results to share with their personal physician.

Some specimens will still be tested at ExamOne Laboratory. In these instances, the paramedical examiner will provide the applicant information on how they may access their laboratory results via ExamOne’s Inside Look online.

If you have any questions about this information please contact Transamerica’s Sales Desk at 866-303-7833.



Primary Lab Partnership for Paramedical Services