Thrivent LTC: Coronavirus Update

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Grace periods extended to help customers through the impacts of coronavirus

For corporate and field: Thrivent policy will not let any health contracts lapse before July 1, 2020

Some customers may be facing financial difficulties due to the impacts of coronavirus (COVID-19). To help them through this challenging time, Thrivent is offering an extended grace period for health insurance products. We will not lapse any contracts nationwide during the pandemic.

This is very similar to the actions we take to offer a premium extension when a state declares a disaster.

Details of the extended grace period

  • This applies to contracts that were scheduled to lapse between March 30 and June 30, 2020.
  • Thrivent is working on correspondence that will be sent to the contract owner after the extended grace period, which will include the premium amount due and the due date.

We are joining others in the industry by offering our customers more time to pay their premiums. If customers contact you – or you know customers who are out of work – reassure them that Thrivent is here to help.

Financial professionals: If you have questions about grace period or lapsing contracts, call the Thrivent’s Field Support Network at 888-422-5737 and say either “insurance” or “health.”

Thrivent LTC: Coronavirus Update