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Regardless of Which State They Live In…  the WA Cares Fund Program MATTERS to Your Clients!

It’s Very Important You Understand the New Washington Cares Fund Program.

Here’s why, and what you need to tell your clients and prospects!

Effective 1/1/22, Washington workers will pay an EXTRA tax of $0.58 per every $100 of earnings… with NO Maximum Limit!

If you make $100,000, you would owe an EXTRA $580 tax/year…

  • Even at $50,000, that’s an EXTRA $290 tax/year
  • Worked harder? If you’re at $500,000, that’s an EXTRA $2900/year!

For that EXTRA $290 – $2900 tax/year, here’s what each would get…

  • $100/Day Long-Term Care Benefit for up to a year ($36,500 Maximum Total).
  • Benefits would not even be available until January, 2025.
  • Plus, you don’t get paid any benefits unless you’ve paid in for many years (vesting).
  • If you move or retire elsewhere… no coverage for you.
  • Most experts don’t think the .58% will cover costs.

Good News… there is a ONE-TIME opt-out…

  • Prove that you have an LTCi policy in-force by 11/01/2021, you skip tax forever.
  • You can get WAY BETTER coverage for WAY LESS premium.
  • Traditional LTCi plans provide coverage immediately.
  • Traditional LTCi plans are PORTABLE – they move with you.
  • Today’s traditional LTCi plans have VERY stable pricing.

Many Experts Agree – Other States Will Impose Similar Programs…

  • State Medicaid budgets are stretched very thin due to aging population.
  • State’s get stuck with a lot of the LTCi bills anyway… the taxes would help.
  • Many suspect that other states will also require YEARLY opt-out proof.
  • Many suspect that other states will have an even higher tax rate.

Why You Should NOT Wait for Your State’s Program…

  • In WA, the apps skyrocketed so much, carriers stopped taking new applications!
  • All of those folks in WA who waited too long will be stuck paying the taxes forever.
  • Traditional LTCi premiums are based on age at application – never less expensive than right now.
  • If you wait, and become unhealthy, you won’t qualify for LTCi and could be stuck with an extra tax forever.
  • Over 61% of adults said they’d rater DIE than go to a nursing home – LTCi helps keep you OUT of the NH!

American’s interest in long-term care insurance has never been higher, and your clients are waiting for you to have that conversation with them!

Let’s help them out!

Whether you currently sell Long-Term Care insurance or not, our experts are always here to give you a hand.

Psst… if you’re not licensed & certified to sell LTCi yourself, we still have a solution!

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