Sentinel Plan Health Products

Important AEP New Business Tips

ATTENTION AGENTS!   With AEP already upon us, below are a couple of commonly missed items that will keep an application from going through underwriting.

  • Effective Date
  • Draft Date
  • Client Phone Number
  • Health Information Card (HIC) Number

Additionally, Sentinel will draft upon receiving the application unless you instruct otherwise. A policy cannot be issued until premium is drafted.

New Application Packet for Illinois

We have revised our Illinois application packet to include specific information regarding the Household Discount (HHD) that is available for Select Plans only. You may click on the link below to view the new application packet or go to our agent portal to download the forms.
Illinois Application Packet
The old application may be used through 11/30/2016. Starting 12/01/2016 the new application will be required for all new business.