Securian: maximize your client’s LTC benefit pool

Pro tip: maximize your client’s LTC benefit pool

When you’re trying to find the best LTC product for a client, there’s often a temptation to do an apples-to-apples comparison between different carriers.

But when you design a SecureCare Universal Life policy to match a competitor’s, you may miss out on the sweet spots. SecureCare tends to offer clients the most value when it uses an even-year benefit duration – and our 6-year benefit duration does the best from there.

Just to give you an idea, here’s a hypothetical example for a 62 y/o male (NT, single) showing a $100K single-pay premium with a 5% compound inflation option:

LTC benefit duration option Age 80 monthly benefit Age 80 total benefit pool
5 years $5,608 $371,825
6 years $8,418 $687,093
7 years $5,589 $546,021

As you can see, when it comes to offering clients the most value on their dollar, SecureCare’s 6-year benefit is the clear winner.

So the next time you’re comparing SecureCare to a competitor’s policy with an odd-year benefit duration – run SecureCare using even numbers. If the competitor uses a 5- or 7-year benefit duration, run SecureCare with a 6-year. If it’s a 3-year benefit, run SecureCare at 4.

A quick way to make sure you’re choosing the SecureCare policy design that offers a client the best total LTC benefit pool for their money is to check the Quick Quote page near the end of the proposal. Here, you’ll be able to see the total benefit pool available for each benefit duration and inflation option.

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