Save Time with the Priority Income Protection E-application!

This producer e-App can be quickly and easily completed at point of sale. It begins with a fast quote tool that allows your client to select from three benefit period options with premiums.

e-App Advantages
When you use the producer e-App you’re showing how easy it is to do business with you and Mutual of Omaha.

  • Saves you time, ensures accuracy
  • Easy to understand process for you and your client
  • Conveniently includes all required forms
  • Provides quick-issue in days. Fast protection for clients, fast payments for you
  • Offers signature collection options so you can choose what’s best

e-App Features
There are great features built in so you can sail through the e-App easily:

  • Begins with the fast quote tool so clients can choose the plan and premium to fit their budget
  • Visual clues allow you to track your progress
  • Prompts will tell you if something has been missed
  • Helpful definitions are provided wherever you see a question mark symbol
  • Auto-save function retains all information as you complete sections
  • A dashboard shows all your e-Apps in progress

e-App Quick Start Guide (79508)

You can order the E-app Quick Start Guide and many other Priority Income Protection materials through your normal ordering channels.

Save Time with the Priority Income Protection E-application!