REMINDER Regarding Discontinuing New Sales of SureBridge Life Plans

REMINDER: Discontinuing New Sales of Final Expense and Term Life Plans
With the date approaching for discontinuing new sales of the Life products, we want to send one last reminder.

Effective December 16, 2019, SureBridge will no longer accept new sales of the Final Expense Whole Life and Term Life plans.

If your customer is interested in purchasing the Term Life or Final Expense plan offered by SureBridge, the application MUST be completed, signed (by both the customer AND the agent) and submitted NO LATER than December 15, 2019. Applications submitted after this date will NOT be accepted.

In addition, all SureBridge Life applications dated prior to December 16, 2019 will still be processed, but will be issued with effective dates no later than December 31, 2019. Although we do not recommend selecting a “Requested Effective Date” when applying for the Life plans, as this may slow the application process, effective date requests of 1/1/20 or after will not be allowed. There will be no exceptions.
The discontinuation of the Final Expense Whole Life and Term Life plans will have no impact on commissions for in-force business. SureBridge will continue to provide ongoing service and support to all members as long as their policies remain in-force.

Contact SureBridge Producer Support by calling 888-797-4447, or by emailing:
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