Payment Options for Customers

Exciting news regarding new process related to payments!

Policyowner Services is continually looking for ways to enhance the service experience. As you are aware, this year we’ve been looking at several of our high volume requests and enhancing the related processes to make them more efficient. Recently, we’ve had the opportunity to review the way we handle certain types of payments. We are excited to announce the changes we’ve made to Customer Access to allow additional payment processing!

For Life and Health policies:

  • A customer will have the ability to submit an electronic payment during the “special offer” or “timely offer” period
  • A customer will have the ability to pay premiums that were previously withdrawn and returned
  • If all requirements are satisfied and only initial premium is due, a customer will have the ability to contact us to have premiums paid electronically

Life policies only:

  • A customer will have the ability to submit an electronic payment for a Universal Life policy (as long as the policy is not in a pending lapse/lapse status)
  • A customer will have the ability to electronically submit interest or loan payments, to include the outstanding loan balance

In addition to the customer being able to handle these tasks, our front line associates will be equipped to handle these requests on the customer’s behalf. Please note the electronic payments are made via a one-time automatic withdrawal from a checking/savings account. We are continuing to review our ability to accept credit cards where we do not accept them today.

The options noted above are now available via Customer Access. To help facilitate this change, please direct the Customer to

If you need assistance with this, please do not hesitate to contact the following:
     —   For Life Policies, contact
     —   For Health Policies, contact H&

Payment Options for Customers