Online Applications Can Simplify Your Life

We are proud to offer a diverse Simplified Issue product portfolio so you can find the right solution for each of your clients – and fast. Term Life Express, Living Promise Whole Life (Final Expense), Children’s Whole Life, Accidental Death and most recently – IUL Express and GUL Express – are all available on iPipeline e-Application.

Some of the benefits of using an e-Application:

  • Helps you complete the application in good order – saving you and your client time
  • Ensures you are always you using the correct forms
  • Quicker issue for your clients – which means you get paid faster
  • Ability to easily keep track of the applications progress
  • Reduces paper app supply

4 of our 6 Simplified Issue products also feature Automated Underwriting — Mutual of Omaha’s point-of-sale decision. When you submit an IUL Express, GUL Express, Term Life Express or Living Promise application online you will receive an underwriting decision by the time you are done completing the application.

Keep life simple and submit your Simplified Issue applications online.

Online Applications Can Simplify Your Life