Now Accepting Emailed Photos of Post Issue Requirements

We are pleased to announce that Mutual of Omaha is now accepting emailed photos of completed LTC post issue requirements (PIRs). The photos must be sent to the email address to be processed.

Examples of requirements that can be emailed include:

  • Policy Delivery Acknowledgement
    A Policy Delivery Acknowledgement (PDA) is currently required for five states: WV, LA, SD, NE and IL. If a signed PDA has not been received within 25 days, an electronic version of the form may be sent to the client through DocuSign for electronic signature. The Acknowledgement (paper or electronic) must be signed and returned within 25 days from date of issue or a duplicate kit will be printed and mailed directly to the policy holder.
  • Amendments
    An amendment is required when a response to an application question is missing or has changed. Amendments are also required when the policy is issued with a different risk class or benefits than were applied for on the application. Changes to policy benefits made after policy issue and within the free look period will also require an amendment to be signed. Learn more about amendment scenarios here.

Documents Must be Sent Securely
PIRs contain confidential client information and must be delivered securely. It is your responsibility to submit documents securely.

  • If you are using a major email provider such as Microsoft (Outlook, Hotmail), Gmail or Yahoo, your emails are being encrypted and you are sending documents securely.
  • If you use an email address with a company domain name such as,, make sure your company has an established TLS feed.

Note: All new applications should continue to be sent to the email address. This email address does not accept photos and will only accept PDF attachments.
If you have questions about PIRs for a client, please reach out to the case manager assigned to the application for status updates as well as detail.

Now Accepting Emailed Photos of Post Issue Requirements