New Email Notifications for Unsuccessful Payments

Beginning Friday, September 21, 2018, we are now sending clients email notifications whenever the renewal premium that was set to automatically withdraw from their bank account is returned to us. This enhancement to our email notification system will allow your clients to receive notification prior to receiving a letter in the mail, which will allow them an earlier opportunity to take action.

In addition to notifying the client of the returned payment, the email will provide the client with options to solve the issue, including:

  1. Making secure payment online (when available). This option allows the client to make a manual payment from their current account and then resume their automatic deductions.
  2. Contacting the customer access center at 1-800-775-6000 where a representative will be able to help the client over the phone.

If you have questions regarding this new functionality, please contact customer service at 800-775-6000.

New Email Notifications for Unsuccessful Payments