Mutual of Omaha Broker’s Facebook page

The Mutual of Omaha Brokerage Sales Team is now on Facebook!

At Mutual of Omaha we value you and your business. One of our top priorities is to provide you with the best, most competitive marketing materials we can. In today’s digital world, that includes social media.

This private Facebook Group has been designed specifically for Mutual of Omaha’s Brokerage distribution and will provide social media posts for Life, Accidental Death, Annuities, Long-Term Care, Disability and Critical Illness. Additionally, urgent announcements will also be released on our Facebook page.

The posts will be pre-approved, and we encourage you to like and share these posts across your social media channels, as well as share updates and announcements with your team.

What to Expect:

  1. Go to Facebook and search Mutual of Omaha Sales Professionals
  2. Request to Join.
  3. Fill out a series of questions agreeing to our rules and agreements, as well as provide your Producer or NPN number.
  4. Once accepted you will be able to see all available posts.
    • Note: Posts marked For Producer Use Only can only be shared with your producers. Posts that are not marked are consumer approved.
  5. Share the content! New posts will be posted weekly so make sure to check back often.

A full list of FAQs and more details on how to find and join our Facebook group can be found here.

Thank you for continuing to place your trust in Mutual of Omaha. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Sales Director.

Mutual of Omaha Broker’s Facebook page