MIS Dashboard: New Payer Flow Functionality

Mutual of Omaha has added an additional payer flow for Mutual Income Solutions applicants. Applicants now have the option to provide their payment information at the time of policy acceptance as well as at the time of application.

After completing Parts A and deciding to complete Part B now or send to the client, you’ll have the option to select whether you’ll complete the payment information now (during the application) or complete at policy acceptance.

If you select ‘Complete Now’, the payor screen will appear in the producer e-App and the flow will match what you’re used to seeing. If you select ‘Complete at Policy Acceptance’, the payment screen will not be shown in the producer e-App. You will instead be taken to the signature screen.

The flow continues as you’re used to until the client goes to approve the final policy offer via the Secure Messaging Portal. After the client verifies they’d like the accept the policy as written, the client will be able to enter all payment information on their own:

The client will then be able to sign the BSP, accept the policy, and sign the Statement of Good Health. The client will then receive another email with the updated policy packet (including the invoice) minutes after signing.

Take a look for yourself! Visit www.mutualincomesolutions.com to view the new flow in the Dashboard Sandbox.

Note: These changes do not support third-party payors. Electronically submitted applications must be paid by the insured.

MIS Dashboard: New Payer Flow Functionality