“Long-Term Care in the United States — Problems and Solutions”

Long-Term Care in the United States — Problems and Solutions,” by Susan L. Mitchell, et al., New England Journal of Medicine



“The Covid-19 pandemic, with its devastating effects on nursing home residents and staff, has drawn renewed attention to problems in the U.S. system of long-term care. But the underlying issues are long-standing. In this Perspective Roundtable, moderator and geriatrician Susan Mitchell is joined by four experts in long-term care — Shawn Bloom, David Gifford, David Grabowski, and Jasmine Travers — in assessing the current system’s most pressing gaps and challenges and envisioning the most promising directions for the design and implementation of better solutions for the aging U.S. population. View the video of this roundtable discussion. A transcript is available at NEJM.org.”


LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

If you want to know what’s wrong with long-term care, why, and what to do about it, watch this video, then read Friday’s “LTC Bullet: LTC Epiphany.” The video will show you LTC “experts” who don’t even ask, much less answer the question, how did long-term care come to have all the many problems they identify? Read the LTC Bullet for the answer. Central planners like these experts created the LTC problems; they sure won’t solve them with the same kind of thinking and policies that created them. Yet, that is all they have to offer.