“HSA use increasing among those under 65”

HSA use increasing among those under 65,” by Allison Bell, ThinkAdvisor


“U.S. residents’ use of public and private health coverage stayed about the same between 2016 and the first three quarters of 2017, but use of health savings accounts (HSAs) may have climbed 15 percent. The number of U.S. residents under the age of 65 who had HSAs increased to 17.9 million in 2017, from 15.5 million in 2016, according to new National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) data.”

LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President Center for Long-Term Care Reform):  Many will use the HSAs to fund the next generation of LTCI after Medicaid stops subsidizing the middle class and affluent.

HSA use increasing among those under 65