“Guess What? There Are No Cuts in Medicaid”

Guess What? There Are No Cuts in Medicaid,” by Daniel J. Mitchell, Foundation for Economic Education (FEE.org)

“Senate Republicans have produced their Obamacare repeal legislation, though as I noted at the end of this interview, it’s really more a bill about Medicaid reform than Obamacare repeal. While it’s disappointing that big parts of Obamacare are left in place, it’s definitely true that Medicaid desperately needs reform, ideally by shifting the program to the states, thus replicating the success of welfare reform. But critics are savaging this idea, implying that ‘deep cuts’ will hurt the quality of care. Indeed, some of them are even engaging in poisonous rhetoric about people dying because of cutbacks. There’s one small problem with the argument, however. Nobody is proposing to cut Medicaid. Republicans are merely proposing to limit annual spending increases. Yet this counts as a ‘cut’ in the upside-down world of Washington budgeting.”

LTC Comment (from Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform):
Thanks to GoldenCareUSA’s Lori Fjelstad for tipping us to this excellent article.

Guess What? There Are No Cuts in Medicaid