Good News | 2019/2020 Errors & Omissions Pricing Now Available: Enroll Today

Pricing for GoldenCare’s Discounted E & O Now Available




Plus, earn yourself a better discount on next year’s enrollment! Here’s how:

Enroll in GoldenCare’s 2019/2020 Errors & Omissions Program

Submit any of the following: (written & issued between 4/1/2019 and 4/1/2020),
1 Mutual of Omaha LTCi Application
1 CareShield Application with Securian
1 GTL Critical Cash/Critical Care Application, or
1 Omaha Medicare Supplement Application

and Receive a Renewal Discount on Next Year’s (2020/2021) Enrollment!

For more information, call 800-842-7799 and speak with your Regional Director.
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Questions? Call the GoldenCare Marketing Team at 800-842-7799!

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