GoldenCare Newsletter | November 21, 2022

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From GoldenCare:

The GoldenCare Office
will be closed Thurs,
November 24th &
Fri, November 25th
for Thanksgiving.



Mutual of Omaha LTCi e-App Demonstration

Tues, Nov 22, 2022 2:00 PM  to  2:30 PM CST


Whether you’re an LTCi veteran or you’re new to LTCi , we’ve got something for you!

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GoldenCare’s Game Time Incentive

View our incentive video for details!


GoldenCare Fast Fact:

Bring In An Expert:  How To Schedule Time
Scheduling an Appointment is EASY!   Watch the video above and schedule an appointment today!




New Law Requires CA Licensees to Include Their License Number on Emails

Be sure to check out the new Compliance Corner on our agent website!

Medicare Compliance GuideBest Practices In Medicare Compliance & Marketing


Industry Updates:


From Mutual of Omaha:

It’s Still Long-Term Care Awareness Month

Listen to Our Recent LTC Claims Webinar

Inforce LTCi Rate Adjustments Effective February 1, 2023

Ease Your Client’s Worries with Living Promise

LTC Rider Can Help Protect Clients Futures

Did You Know That We Publish Our IUL Cap and Participation Rate History

Put DI to Work with the Help of Social Media

Help Complement Your Clients’ Existing Coverage


From OneAmerica:

Care Solutions News, November 2022


From NGL:

Upcoming Holiday Closure


Raising LTC Awareness



Medicare Solutions Corner:

Our portfolio includes Medicare giants such as Aflac, ACE, Lumico, Accendo/CVS Health, United Healthcare, Humana, and more! Click below for highlights.

ACE Med Supp Q4 2022 Agent Incentive

Lumico Q4 2022 Incentive: Provide more coverage. Get more rewards.

Lumico is Thankful for You!

Humana’s Q4 2022 Incentive: Unlimited Opportunity to Achieve!

Humana Achieve Now in Two New States!

Aflac – It’s time for unlimited Aflac Med Supp incentives

New States Announced for Aflac’s Medicare Supplement!

Don’t Forget the AEP Guidebook

Enhanced Automated Underwriting Update

2023 Medicare Copay/Deductibles

Click for more GoldenCare Medicare News


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