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Medicare Compliance GuideBest Practices In Medicare Compliance & Marketing


Industry Updates:


From Mutual of Omaha:

Download the 2023 LTCi Tax Advantages Flyers

Inforce Long-Term Care Insurance Rate Adjustments Effective April 1, 2023

Help Clients Ease the Financial Burden with Living Promise

Mutual Income Solutions: Association Marketing Discounts

Mutual Income Solutions: Now Available in New York!

New Critical Advantage Social Media Posts

1099 Form(s) Coming to SPA


Download the NGL EssentialLTC Sales Guide Today!

NGL EssentialLTC – Two of our favorite features


Thrivent LTC: Share the 4 Truths of Long-term Care


Medicare Solutions Corner:

Our portfolio includes Medicare giants such as Aflac, ACE, Lumico, Accendo/CVS Health, United Healthcare, Humana, and more! Click below for highlights.

ACE Med Supp Q1 2023 Agent Incentives

ACE Med Supp is Extending Coverage to Nebraska!

Aflac Med Supp Q1 2023 Agent incentives

Aflac Med Supp Expanding into Three New States!

Lumico Med Supp Q1 2023 Agent Incentive

Humana Med Supp Q1 2023 Agent Incentive: Achieve!

ManhattanLife Med Supp Q1 2023 Unlimited Incentives

New ways to grow your business in 2023

Make Your Mark on Social Media

Union Security Med Supp Rate Adjustments – various states


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