GoldenCare Newsletter | December 5, 2022

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GoldenCare’s Game Time Incentive

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GoldenCare Fast Fact:

December Sales Strategies
Jeff Clark is here with a Long-Term Care insurance sales tip. The holidays are a perfect time to have the LTC conversation with your clients and don’t forget to mention LTCi Tax Benefits!




Advertising Compliance Requirements

Be sure to check out the new Compliance Corner on our agent website!

Medicare Compliance GuideBest Practices In Medicare Compliance & Marketing


Industry Updates:


From Mutual of Omaha:

Long-Term Care Awareness Month Has Come to an End

Advanced Markets Minute – November 2022

NAIC Guidelines for Brokerage General Agents in New York

Expense Allocation Method in United of Omaha Illustrations


From OneAmerica:

Announcing another price decrease on our Asset Care portfolio


Thrivent End of Year LTCi Deadlines & Holiday Hours

Customize benefit and premiums to meet future goals

CareForward Product Guide Update



Medicare Solutions Corner:

Our portfolio includes Medicare giants such as Aflac, ACE, Lumico, Accendo/CVS Health, United Healthcare, Humana, and more! Click below for highlights.

ACE Med Supp Q4 2022 Agent Incentive

Lumico Q4 2022 Incentive: Provide more coverage. Get more rewards.

Humana’s Q4 2022 Incentive: Unlimited Opportunity to Achieve!

Aflac – It’s time for unlimited Aflac Med Supp incentives

Med Supp Broker Bonus – Increased Up To $250

Help Your Clients Get Started with Customer Access

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