Genworth Launches eSuite of New Business Tools

Genworth is launching an eSuite of new business tools on April 3, 2017. Genworth’s eSuite of new business tools provides a paperless solution for the entire selling process.

Genworth’s eSuite of New Business Tools includes:

Updated Quoting
We have made some enhancements to our quoting experience. One enhancement is the addition of our Element Packages within the quoting tool. The updated quote also displays side by side product descriptions so you can quickly select between an Element package or customize Privileged Choice® Flex 3 plan.

The application is still the application, but our eApplication (eApp) is more than just a fillable PDF. This easy-to-use, interactive tool guides you through the application so you complete exactly what is needed and helps ensure the application is in good order before the sale is finalized.

The eSignature process gives you and your clients to the ability to electronically sign an application in real time using click-to-sign technology. While you can have the application electronically signed via email, click-to-sign is the fastest and most convenient way to sign.

By using eSignature, you can also take advantage of eScheduling the underwriting interview. After a client eSigns their application, the eScheduling tool can be accessed. With eScheduling you can make an appointment for your client’s interview with a Genworth Underwriter. It’s the ultimate in time saving convenience.

ePolicy Delivery – Coming Soon
An ePolicy Delivery option will be added to the eSuite of new business tools in our next phase. Once available, this electronic process can reduce the cycle time between policy approval and policy delivery from weeks to hours so coverage can begin sooner and commissions can be paid faster.

It’s easy to get started. You can access the eSuite tools from PRO or the Sales Center. In our initial launch, your experience will be smoother in Chrome on a desktop computer or laptop. We are also working to optimize the mobile experience for a future release.

If you have questions about our eSuite of new business tools, please call your sales team and they will be happy to assist you.

Genworth Launches eSuite of New Business Tools