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Annuity Care and Annuity Care II updates launching Nov. 21
We’re making updates to the Continuation of Benefits options on our Annuity Care and Annuity Care II products starting Nov. 21. Review the key details, including transition rules, states where changes apply and more.

Attention California producers: Regulatory requirement impacting Asset-Care IV effective Oct. 24
Due to a change in calculation requirements under the non-forfeiture regulations, there will be a small impact to values illustrated prior to Oct. 24 and how the policy is issued for Asset-Care IV only. The result will be a slight increase in surrender values early in the contract. This will have no impact on premium, face amounts or LTC benefits. Due to a very small impact that is beneficial to the client, there will be no transition rules. Policies issued after Oct. 24 will receive the new values; no revised illustration will be produced. Asset-Care IV is only available in California. No other products are impacted by this change.

Tools and resources to level up

Reminder: Most policy statements available on OSO
Looking for policy statements? Check OneSource Online! Most policy statements are available on OSO for your convenience. Access and download these statements quickly and easily by visiting the Policy Detail page and clicking the link next to Policy Statement.

Operations updates and enhancements

New: Submit applications via email
Great news! If you normally submit New Business applications via fax, we now have a designated email address for application submissions. Simply attach the PDF application and send to! Be sure to use email encryption when sending to ensure private data remains secure. Once received, the application will be processed and given a policy number. As a reminder, eApp is the quickest and easiest submission process to ensure the application and forms are in good order.

Easy updates: Submit Policy Service requests on
Did you know that many types of Policy Service requests can be made directly from Simply visit, scroll to the bottom of the page, and click Individual Policy Service Request under the Quick Access header. From there, review the types of changes that can be submitted and click the Policy Service Request button to begin a submission. Then, follow the prompts to complete and submit the request. It’s that quick and easy!

Did you know? LTCG interviews can be scheduled online
That’s right – no calls are needed to schedule interviews with LTCG. As long as an email address is provided on the application, (automatic for eApps, but be sure to include one for non-eApps) a scheduling link will be sent directly to the client when the order is placed. Remember: The interview is now automatically ordered as well! Clients and agents can visit to schedule the interview at the client’s preferred date and time.