A new Humana product for the people

Humana Achieve Med Supps for the People

A New Humana Product for the People

We know Humana Medicare Supplement coverage is a big deal for your clients, which is why we’re now offering Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement Plans. It’s a plan that offers many of the same benefits as Human’s premier line of products at a great value.

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Agents who are already appointed with Humana may already have access to Humana Achieve. Current appointments require no additional contracting paperwork, so you can focus on serving your clients.
Approved States
These new plans have been approved in several states with more scheduled for release upon state approval.

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Humana Achieve Bonus Program
Our brand new incentive program, exclusive to Humana Achieve Medicare Supplements, was designed with producers in mind. We understand that the cost of operating a business can be expensive so to help offset those costs, we are excited to offer this new bonus to producers like yourself to help earn some extra money on top of their current commissions.

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Looking to add Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement Plans to your appointments? It’s easy! Just complete our 8-page Contracting Made Easy.

Talk to your clients about Humana Achieve, their most affordable Medicare Supplement product ever.

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