Bring All Your OmniFlex Questions to our Panel of Experts!

With the launch of our newest Short-Term Care product, OmniFlex™ – we knew there would be questions. We’re making a Panel of Experts (including Tom Randall, Dennis Rinner, Earl Baxter, Jon Randall, Jeff Clark, and others) available to YOU. This open discussion will help to answer even the most detailed questions!

We’ll also be sharing stories and feedback from some agents already seeing success selling our revolutionary STC product!

If you’re beginning to learn the OmniFlex product and have questions – BRING THEM TO OUR PANEL OF EXPERTS! Don’t miss out! Reserve your space – Register now!


Add this easy-to-sell product to your portfolio today!

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OmniFlex is underwritten by Standard Life and Casualty – a ManhattanLife company.

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