Where does Thrivent’s LTCi fit?

Consider Thrivent’s standalone LTCi solution when looking for the following benefits, or working with these audiences:


  • Return of Premium
  • Zero-Day EP for Home/Community Care
  • State specific advantages:
    • IN (one of the only IN Partnership policies)
    • FL and CA (other carriers may have state-specific pricing)
  • When comparing 5-year benefits
  • Highly competitive rates for women
  • Competitive rates for younger couples

Benefits and Riders:

  • Accelerated, 10-pay option
  • Shared Care with Residual Benefit and Dual Waiver of Premium
  • Inflation options of 1%, 2%, 3%, 5%, and FIB
  • Couples discount
  • Caregiver resources


  • More ages (18 to 79)
  • When carrier strength is important
  • Robust benefits:
    • $1,500 – $15,000 Monthly Benefit
    • 2 to 8 year benefits

Contact GoldenCare to learn more about where Thrivent can fit.

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