What’s Wrong With Long-Term Care?,” by Stephen A. Moses, RealClearPolicy


“[T]oo much LTC funding comes from Medicaid for too many people at rates too low to ensure access to quality care in the kind of home and community-based settings consumers prefer, leaving most people unable to afford private care, with market rates 50 percent higher than what Medicaid pays due to government cost shifting, resulting in too little revenue flowing through the LTC system to support wages sufficient to attract enough caregivers, leaving families and friends with the financially and emotionally exhausting job of providing care neither the government nor the market provides, and the public with no incentive to worry about LTC or to save, invest or insure against a risk government has concealed by well-intentioned but counterproductive Medicaid policies.”


LTC Comment, Stephen A. Moses, President, Center for Long-Term Care Reform:

That’s “Long-Term Care: The Problem” in a nutshell. “Long-Term Care: The Solution” is on its way; ETA early next year.